Block Clearance Therapy (BCT)

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In Block Clearance Therapy (BCT), a therapist works with you & your subconscious mind to get to the root of any issue or "block" that is holding you back. 


Through an understanding of how our subconscious minds work, and why certain patterns or belief systems are created, we can gently and safely release these unhelpful patterns.


Whatever area you would like support with, the process that we follow is consistent in identifying the “root cause” of the pattern or issue that you are experiencing. By understanding how and why it was created we can enable your subconscious to release it and replace it with new patterns that allow you to move forward positively. This can be a challenging yet extremely rewarding process.


Issues that clients often wish to address include:

·         Bereavement and Loss

·         Stress

·         Anxiety

·         Fear

·         Depression

·         Relationship issues

·         Family issues

·         Anger

·         Abuse

·         Drugs/alcohol addiction

·         Feelings of powerlessness

·         Fear of failure

·         Fear of rejection/abandonment

·         Fear of judgement

·         Lack of trust

·         Lack of self-worth or self-value

Even if you don’t see your particular challenge on this list, it is very likely that we have experience of it.


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