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They say you don't choose your family!

All relationships have their ups and downs - whether it be between parents and children, brothers and sisters, in-laws or extended family - we assume that just because we are somehow related, we should all get along wonderfully, with no arguments, tension or differences!

Often, the reality is far from the dream.


Children lose respect for their parents, parents despair of their children, siblings argue, compete and grow apart.  As we grow up, we develop our own personalities, opinions, behaviours, patterns and ideas.  Families are tough!  

Often we find a way to muddle through, plaster over the cracks and struggle forward.  Sometimes however we find ourselves in a position that simply seems impossible to resolve.

Whatever the challenges that are facing your family, if you are determined to overcome them together, I am here to help you to

  • Step back from any anger and disappointment.

  • Understand why the tension or issue exists and the role each family member is playing.

  • Learn how to really hear what each other is saying, not what you think is being said.

  • Think about the best way to communicate, compromise and respect each other to overcome any differences and move forward in a positive manner.