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Two people come together, from different backgrounds, with different experiences, behaviours, perceptions and expectations – they hope for a fairy tale ending.

The initial shine wears off, reality sets in and the realisation that our partner is actually “human” hits home.

Our patterns and core behaviours become more obvious – and we start to see the differences between us.

We disappoint each other, disagree and argue. We stop hearing each other.

It can take a lot of work, love, understanding and patience to keep a relationship healthy and thriving.  We can sometimes get to the point where we struggle to remember why we even got together in the 1st place.

The couples’ counselling that I offer is designed to help you both to:

  • Step back from any anger and disappointment.

  • Understand why you each react in particular and often different ways to the same situation.

  • Learn how to really hear what each other is saying, not what you each think is being said.

  • Think about the best way to communicate so that your partner will understand and be able to respond rather than reacting.

Ultimately, I can help you find out if there is a way to recapture the reasons you became a couple and to work together to rebuild or strengthen your relationship.

Warning – these sessions are not for either moaning about each other or tea and sympathy – you can get that from your friends.  This is for couples who are brave, determined and want to try and work together to be happy!