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I don’t really know what is wrong – I am just not happy – can you help?

You are not alone.  Many people are not consciously aware of why they need help, they just know something is not right.  Some clients are just curious because of what people have told them about their successes with this type of therapy. The key is to begin to talk and your subconscious mind will find a way of letting us know where to focus.


I have tried all sorts of therapy and I still have issues – why is this any different?

There are many types of therapies out there and different ones work for different people.  A couple of key differences between BCT and many others are


a) In BCT sessions, you remain in control – your therapist is there to guide you through and interpret the visualisation but will not attempt to override your subconscious mind

b) BCT aims to get to the “root” of an issue to clear subconscious patterns that are repeating. Many other therapies will use conscious overrides and positive coping strategies to enable you to manage an issue. 


I believe that everyone comes to the right therapist and the right therapy at the right time.   If your subconscious is ready to let an issue go once and for all, then that may be the reason you are reading this now!


What if I can’t visualise anything?

Don’t think of an elephant!  What was the first thing that came into your mind when reading that sentence?  That is all visualisation is - allowing something to come into your mind (either as a picture, word or feeling) in response to a question or request.  Everyone can do it – the key is not to try too hard and just let it happen.  Common reasons why people think they won’t be able to visualise are due to fear of failure or lack of self-trust. These are both things that I will work with you to address.


How many sessions will I need?

would love to give you a specific answer for this one but really, everyone is different.  There are so many factors that affect the number of sessions you might need or want – for example how ready your subconscious is to let go, how many areas you want to address etc.

Some clients come for a very specific issue and one session is enough to tackle this.  For other clients, some patterns can take longer address depending on how the pattern was created and reinforced throughout their lifetime.  Some clients find as they start to release one pattern other things then surface that they want to work on.

Please be assured that I am committed to getting you to the point that you can address your issues and move forward as quickly as possible.  I will never suggest booking future sessions if I don’t feel it will really be of value to you.  One of the most rewarding aspect of my work is when clients feel that they no longer require help and that they can move forward positively with their lives


I’m scared of what might come up in a session

We will only talk about what you are comfortable addressing.  I will never judge you (most people judge themselves harshly enough without anyone else chipping in) You will always be in control, both consciously and subconsciously.  We will always work at a pace that is comfortable for you.


I have been on anti-depressants for a long time – is this process safe for me?

I have many clients who have been or are on medication.  I will discuss this aspect of your medical history with you at our initial session.  Most anti-depressants will not affect the visualisation process, however I would only ever embark on a visualisation with a client if we both feel it is appropriate.  If you are on Lithium based medication, visualisation will not be possible, but I will be happy to work with you on a conscious level.


Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from benefiting from this type of therapy?

There are no conditions that absolutely prevent me working with you.  If you are asthmatic, I suggest that you bring your inhaler with you if you have one – even though I don’t expect you to need it.  If you are epileptic, I will monitor the length of any visualisation. It is important for me to understand if you are pregnant however this will not prevent me from working with you


Do I live too far away to have BCT?

I am happy to offer phone or Skype/Facetime/Whatsapp sessions (or any variety of video calling) for any client.  I also see clients at my home just outside Worcester and at The Tree of Life Centre near Cheltenham.  For clients further afield who wish face to face sessions, I can book double sessions where appropriate if you have significant travel times.