The Subconscious Mind

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Our conscious mind enables us to reason, make choices, decide if we want to do something or not.


Our subconscious mind controls our instinctive reactions, our core behaviours, patterns, perceptions – and ultimately – our happiness.  It sets up these patterns and perceptions early on in life, based on our responses and reactions to our experiences.


So much of what we do, think and react to every day is governed by our subconscious mind.  Once it has set up a pattern, it will fight very hard to repeat that pattern.


We are all different, unique.  We all have different patterns, perceptions and responses.

When our conscious and subconscious minds work together– we feel strong, powerful, able to achieve.


When our conscious and subconscious minds go into battle – it can be really rough, leaving us feeling exhausted, powerless, drained, frustrated, angry, unhappy, fearful, desolate, despairing.


When that battle commences life can be very challenging. This is because our subconscious mind is the more powerful!  It doesn’t want to change unless it knows it can do it safely!


Block Clearance Therapy focuses on understanding what your subconscious patterns and perceptions are, where and how they were created and why your subconscious has gone into battle with your conscious mind. Ultimately, the goal is to resolve this battle and to bring the two back together in a safe way that your subconscious will accept.