What a BCT session entails

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Sessions typically last around 90 minutes.  We start by discussing the types of issues you wish to address. Some clients come with very specific areas they want to look at.  Others come not really knowing why they are there, but when we start to talk, the right things will always find a way to come out.


Based on our initial conversation, we can then formulate a question to ask your subconscious, to allow us to understand a specific issue or “block” that is affecting your life or holding you back.


We access your subconscious through a visualisation process.  This process enables us to understand what situation created the issue or block, and why, until now, your subconscious believes it is important to hold onto your current belief system.


Everyone visualises differently – there is no right or wrong way.  Some people see things in their mind, some people hear things, others just feel things.  The most important thing to remember is you can’t get it wrong – even if you think you are just making things up – your subconscious knows what these “things” mean, even if you don’t.


You will be fully aware of everything during the visualisation process.


Once the visualisation is complete, we use positive affirmations to reinforce to the subconscious that this block has been cleared.

We will only do a visualisation if you (and your subconscious) are ready.  We never override or work against what your subconscious is telling us – you are always in control. If visualisation is not appropriate, we will spend time helping you to understand consciously what patterns you might want to address and agree next steps to help your subconscious prepare for this.


Please Note 


All sessions are strictly confidential.


If you are currently using drugs such as heroin, cocaine or marijuana, it is essential that you have not used within a 12 hour period before any visualisation work.


If you are interested in seeking help relating to alcohol, please allow 12 hours to elapse after your last alcoholic drink before coming to your session.